Important OTP question: which one sends cute good-morning texts and which one replies to them angrily because ‘it’s not even seven yet fuck off’?

how is NO ONE on etsy selling tunnel plugs with portals on them??? i’m genuinely shocked

today was a good day. i did well in school and bought a lipstick and those are two of my favourite things tbh

the guy behind me is wearing sunglasses. we’re indoors and the blinds are closed


there’s no glitter in the gutter (and no twilight galaxy) || a two-part mix for john mandrake, nathaniel underwood, and the fault lines of a one-boy empire


listen // (rose-colored glasses seem to be the rage!)

[ 01. the bomb // bitter:sweet ] [ 02. downtown // kids of 88 ] [ 03. eros & apollo // studio killers ] [ 04. blame it on the girls // mika ] [ 05. you’re falling for some big idiot // renard ] [ 06. straight in at 101 // los campesinos! ] [ 07. what to do // ok go ] [ 08. living dead // marina and the diamonds ] [ 09. you’re a cad // bird and bee ] [ 10. final boss // mc frontalot ]


listen // (super rich kids with nothing but fake friends)

[ 01. papaoutai // stromae ] [ 02. what you know// two door cinema club ] [ 03. everlasting arms // vampire weekend ] [ 04. anthems for a seventeen year old girl // broken social scene ] [ 05. loud pipes // ratatat ] [ 06. super rich kids // frank ocean ] [ 07. twilight galaxy // metric ] [ 08. neon bible // arcade fire ] [ 09. obvious bicycle // vampire weekend ] [ 10. ghosting // mother mother ]

my religion class is full of condescending teenage boys talking about how dumb religious people are i’m so annoyed rn

i stayed in visby after school today to go see gotg, and i had a whole bunch of time to kill so i was sitting on a bench by the city wall playing games on my phone. and then this guy sits down next to me and starts talking to me, and i answered his questions to be polite, but i was pretty brief and didn’t in any way encourage the conversation, so i would’ve thought it was pretty obvious that i really just wanted to play my game in peace. and yet he just kept talking? he asked for my name and where i lived and why i was in town and if i was waiting for someone and what i was playing, and when i told him my name and kept playing he said “why didn’t you ask me MY name?”. he wasn’t rude or threatening but it made me so incredibly uncomfortable??? he wouldn’t stop taking to me? and when i finally got up and said something vague about having to leave he asked me if i had to catch a bus like wOW DUDE NOT YOUR BUSINESS so i said yes just to get him off my back but really i went to hide in the cinema lobby. i don’t even know why it was so unsettling but i was properly shaken up







199 yuan ($32.33 USD)

Colors: 10+


fish purse!!!!

I need 2.