i stayed in visby after school today to go see gotg, and i had a whole bunch of time to kill so i was sitting on a bench by the city wall playing games on my phone. and then this guy sits down next to me and starts talking to me, and i answered his questions to be polite, but i was pretty brief and didn’t in any way encourage the conversation, so i would’ve thought it was pretty obvious that i really just wanted to play my game in peace. and yet he just kept talking? he asked for my name and where i lived and why i was in town and if i was waiting for someone and what i was playing, and when i told him my name and kept playing he said “why didn’t you ask me MY name?”. he wasn’t rude or threatening but it made me so incredibly uncomfortable??? he wouldn’t stop taking to me? and when i finally got up and said something vague about having to leave he asked me if i had to catch a bus like wOW DUDE NOT YOUR BUSINESS so i said yes just to get him off my back but really i went to hide in the cinema lobby. i don’t even know why it was so unsettling but i was properly shaken up







199 yuan ($32.33 USD)

Colors: 10+


fish purse!!!!

I need 2.

wow i’m actually packing rather than reading pacific rim coffeeshoop aus all day like yesterday. go me



The Body Shapes of the World’s Best Athletes Compared Side By Side

Health and fitness comes in all shapes and sizes. Every single one of these athletes is a certified bad-ass.

I’ve posted this before but it’s worth reblogging!

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do this i am running on four hours sleep and need to crush some dreams


More birds! Been trying to learn how to paint with gouache lately. Its really fun! Gouache has a super nice matte finish to it.

You can buy them in my shop here!